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Initial certification
Certification of (new) cranes and equipment, According to the regulation "Use of working equipment", cranes and equipment must be certified by an expert company prior to use and following each assembly and/or arrangement on new site. 
The inspection is intended to assure correct mounting or arrangement and operation of the equipment in order to prevent accidents and risks to people and property.
We can issue after testing the initial certificate (ILO formular.2) according the rules and regulation: 

  • DNVGL-ST-0378

  • FOR.21.dec 2017 nr.2381

  • NS-EN 13852-1:2004 “Cranes-Offshore Cranes”

  • EN-13852-1 sec,5.10 Lifting of Personnel

  • Reulation of 4.july 2007 No.854

  • Regulation of 13.january 1986 No.31


Annual & 5Y inspection and Re-Certification

The expert classification team provides and performs inspections of cranes with equipment, visual inspection, testing of crane functions, safety functions, overload testing and calibration of cranes as well as inspection of offshore cranes according to rules and regulation:

  • DNVGL-ST-0378

  • Wire rope inspection (IMCA 194) 

  • Test loads and calibrated load cells

  • NDT  ( ET- UT - PT - MPI  ) 

  • Climbers 

3rd Party Assistance 

  • Assist clients after accidents 

  • Assist clients during FAT-HAT-SAT

  • Assist clients with specifications for new cranes

  • Project Management for life-cycle maintenance 

  • Assist client with rouls and regulations regarding Lifting Appliances

  • 24/7 Service Phone

sertification offshore crane
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