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Certification of (new) A-Frame and Umbilical Winch and equipment, According to the regulation "Use of working equipment", LARS systems and equipment must be certified by an expert company prior to use and following each assembly and/or arrangement on new site.

The inspection is intended to assure correct mounting or arrangement and operation of the equipment in order to prevent accidents and risks to people and property.


We performs new installation certifications and annual/5Y inspections and re-certification on LARS-systems.

According the rules and regulations:

  • FOR 1986-01-13-31

  • DNVGL-ST-0378

  • NORSOK U-102

  • IMCA R 011


The LARS is a lifting appliance which lifts something offboard, which means that the DNVGL-ST-0378 is the applicable standard.

Assuming that the LARS is used for deployment of ROV, then it considered as offshore crane, with respect to structural materials, fabrication, testing, structural strength, machinery, but with reduced safety system requirements. The safety requirements are as per Platform cranes. Please see Section 13 in our DNVGL-ST-0378.

westinspection  , inspection of ROV-LARS system
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